Political iclusion or participation? The NANS example.

I once had an argument with someone whom I greatly respect on which should be the correct terminology: youth inclusion in politics or youth participation in politics. I am of the opinion that rather than “inclusion”, “participation” should be used because it denotes a more active role; getting into the process by ourselves rather than... Continue Reading →

On the President’s appointments

The ostrich digs its head into the sand, lifts its rump into the air, and thinks itself safely hidden away from its enemies. The spate of criticisms that trailed the trend of President Buhari’s appointments have received a lot of criticisms in turn. I think one side of the divide is not being mindful enough... Continue Reading →

Jonathan is so bad, that he makes APC look like angels. Anyone that is in opposition to this Jonathan’s worst government in the history of Nigeria and perhaps the world, is labeled APC. Why bother rejecting the label, I now accept it. Opposition= APC, I am APC then. Finish. What more will they say? Infact,... Continue Reading →

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