University of Ilorin and the Phantom Ranking.

While UNILORIN Students have been crowing about the School's Rating as Nigeria's "best". There seems to be more,or less to the Story.

Great Nation.. we can, we must.

Here we stand as a people With one song: with one voice We're a nation: undivided and poised We will take a stand: and build our land in faith: to defend what we have Here we are as a people With one heart: for one cause We're determined: to rebuild and restore Where freedom reigns:... Continue Reading →

Balanced Scales

...Seriously,when Lawyers are talking,you never can be certain if what you are being fed is Swiss Chocolate or bovine fecal Matter,they make both sound equally delectable.

Midas’ they say…

Midas' they say' possessed the art of old Of turning whatsoe'er he touch'd to gold; This modern statesmen can reverse with ease - Touch them with gold' they'll turn to what you please.* ... if Gold is not readily available,Dollars and Pounds will do the Job;and if those are also unavailable,the Naira is very Acceptable... Continue Reading →

(un)Completed …

(un)Completed Poem I wake up to the Sun Shining in all its Splendour Sending Golden rays through to my (amazed) eyes I think to myself;surely,this alone is worth waking up for This quintessence of God's Arts so fine,so nice Then I think of you;my love,Queen of my Heart And I know that the Sun would... Continue Reading →

Jonathan is so bad, that he makes APC look like angels. Anyone that is in opposition to this Jonathan’s worst government in the history of Nigeria and perhaps the world, is labeled APC. Why bother rejecting the label, I now accept it. Opposition= APC, I am APC then. Finish. What more will they say? Infact,... Continue Reading →

Here I am

I'm going to be blogging on here;I'll be posting Articles,from well prepared and thought out ones to impromptu,spur of the Moment Rants;Poems the Spirit leads.

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