2018 – Not a Fresh Start, But a Fresh Perspective

Many people have said that the new year is meaningless.

Of recent, my social media feeds have been clogged with posts about how 2018 is merely an arbitrary concept; philosophically speaking, which has no effect on real life. You might have seen similar posts, like the ones about how ‘2018 is just tomorrow’ or my favorite – This picture of Ned Stark’s commentary on new year resolutions :-).

brace-yourself-new-year bullshit.jpg

I disagree.

It might be true that a lot of people don’t follow through with their resolutions, but it does not mean that there is some sort of fatal flaw in the concept of new year resolutions. A lot of things that we hold dear are artificial constructs, including family, friendship and success, but it doesn’t stop them from shaping our lives and even having physiological effects on us.

A new year is significant. It’s not a fresh start in any way, but it offers a real way to appraise our lives in a holistic manner, thus aiding us to make the big-picture decisions that we need to get our lives on track to where we want to be.

We can easily compare where we are now with where we were this time last year, evaluate the decisions we took from that point and the paths they led us down. We can live our lives now with the assurance that if we do things differently in 2018, things will turn out differently than they did in 2017.

There’s nothing arbitrary about that.

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