On Metuh and the 400 million Naira

So, I woke up this morning to the news that Olisa Metuh has offered to return the sum of 400 million Naira to the coffers of the federal government, with the explanation being that at the time he collected the money, he was unaware that it was from the office of the NSA. I don’t know if you are satisfied with that explanation, but for me, it’s a no-no.

First, the explanation that he didn’t know that it was from the office of the NSA, and was thus money intended to be used to feed, clothe and arm our gallant soldiers as they wage war against insurgents around the country, is as full of holes as a basket. The reason being that even if it was not intended for that purpose, it could have been used for another purpose that would have benefited the people of Nigeria. Whether money for Boko Haram or whatever else, every Kobo stolen from the Nigerian people is equally reprehensible. If it was not used to feed soldiers, it could have been used to feed school-children, if not used to buy guns; it could have been used to buy pencils, biros and notebooks in our schools; if not tanks, it could have been used to buy ambulances. Over time, we in Nigeria have been so inundated with huge figures that we no longer understand the real impact of all those zeroes. Yesterday, I bought a pack of anti-malarial tablets for 500 Naira and knowing that malaria kills about 300,000 people every year in Nigeria, I calculated how many people could possibly have been saved if that 400 million was used for that purpose I was, and I am still horrified. Do the math with other similar items, and you will be too.

The second thing that came to mind is the way the corrupt political class finds it easy to manipulate the sentiments of the Nigerian people and dredge up sympathy from the very people they have robbed blind over the years. When Metuh was arrested, the airwaves did not rest for shouts of “witch-hunt” here and there, whether it was because he is a PDP member, a non-northerner or because he shaded President Buhari on some occasions during the 2015 campaign. Some people I know bought into it hook, line and sinker, with some going as far to say that there was “nothing like Dasuki-Gate”. It’s sad, isn’t it? Especially because there are some ongoing cases in which the same tactics are being applied.

Thirdly, it was sadly amusing to see Olisa Metuh pledging his support for President Buhari’s anti-corruption war. The legal maxim “Nemo dat quad non habet” is applicable here, in my very angry opinion. How exactly will Metuh support the corruption war? I cannot possibly see any way other than he sits down, takes a pen and a higher-education note book, and writes down details of all the other shady deals that I am certain he knows about. If he is not ready to do that, then he should kindly prepare to continue his sojourn as a guest of the state in Kuje.

The last thing I am bothered about is exactly why the former President Jonathan is still running free with all these cans of worms that have opened up since his untimely departure (too late) from Aso Rock. Dasuki, Metuh and a number of others have all stated that they received instructions and funds directly from him. He has several cases to answer, and I hope this government will not give in to pressure to let him walk. No sinner should go unpunished.

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