Made in Nigeria stupidity

Take a Pig, bathe it in perfume; dress it up in silks and adorn it with jewels. It is still a pig, and it will act like a pig, given the slightest chance.

So, there was a discussion going on in the red chambers the day before yesterday about patronizing made-in-Nigeria products, and one very brilliant senator stood up to mock a state governor for marrying an ‘imported woman’, urging his fellow senators to patronize ‘made in Nigeria women’.

Please take a minute to ponder on the incredible intelligence encapsulated in that statement.

If by chance, you do not know who the senator in question is, please search for the name ‘Dino Melaye’ on Google. Do not read the Wikipedia article yet; click on the ‘images’ tab first.

You will find yourself staring at pictures of a man holding bottles of wine with his picture printed on them, a collage of expensive cars and a puffy-eyed woman holding up her bloody forearm. I’ll leave it to you to figure out what they all mean.

The first question that comes to mind is what business of Dino Melaye’s it is who anyone chooses to marry, and why he was even allowed to proceed with speaking such nonsense in the upper legislative house of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Nigeria is facing a lot of problems at present, and for our senators to spend their time gossiping about who married who is beyond reason, but perhaps; not beyond belief, considering their antecedents.

I have read comments that he was just making a joke, and that his comments should not be taken seriously. I definitely agree with the second part, but as to the first part; someone in Senator Dino’s position ought to be aware of the sensitive issues surrounding women’s rights in Nigeria and Africa, and ought not to have made such a crass joke, if indeed he was joking. In his position, his words were bound to be broadcast over several media, and a lot of people would not ‘get’ the joke.

For the benefit of Dino Melaye and other geniuses like him: Women are not property. Women are not merchandise. Women are not goods capable of being ‘patronized’ or ‘imported.’ If you do not have something good or remotely reasonable to say, plant your butt on your sit and keep your mouth shut. Tightly.

I do not have a sister, but I know how I would react if someone talked about my mother that way. When people talk about respecting women’s rights, I feel it’s too soft a message. I prefer to tell people to treat any woman they come across the same way they want their mothers, their sisters and their daughters to be treated.

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