University of Ilorin and the Phantom Ranking.

My little Corner of Social Media has been crowded with a particular Theme of recent; University of Ilorin’s Ranking as the best University in Nigeria. Facebook,Twitter,Whatsapp… its there;Pictures,or Messages gloating about this newly acquired Status as Naija’s finest, even the School’s Website has it on Homepage.

Going through the List,some of the Rankings were,to say the least;incredible… with the Placement of Landmark and Covenant Universities being the most obviously egregious, because while these Institutions are indisputably very good ones in their own Right,they just cannot go Toe to Toe with Schools like Nsukka,ABU,LAUTECH etc…yet.

Recognizing that my Opinion was based on my extensive…*cough*,extensively limited :)… Knowledge of the Education Sector,I decided to do some Research to find the Parameters used in determining the Rankings.

On the Homepage of the Source-Website (,it is clearly stated that the SIte features “Reviews and Web Rankings…”, and then on the Methodology Page,I finally found my Parameters; the Traffic of the Institutions’ Websites. The Site says:

“We do not claim – by any means – to rank organisations or their programs, by the quality of education or level of services provided. The University Web Ranking is not an academic ranking and should not be adopted as the main criteria for selecting a higher education organization where to study”

I had suspected this all along,but it was still a Disappointment to be proved right. I still have other,bigger Disappointments though; The School Management and the Media(online). Students spreading Tales like this without due Diligence is understandable, to be expected even;all it takes is an abridged Retweet,and Information is progressively distorted as it spreads across Social Media.

It is inexcusable however,for an Institution as reputable as the University of Ilorin to post such misrepresentative Information on their Website;The Headline on the Website is

Confirmed! Unilorin is Nigeria’s No.1 varsity.

While the Article mentiones that the Ranking is by “Web Popularity”, that Part is left deliberately vague and abrupt,instead focusing on superlatives like “best”, “first” and “top”.

As for the Bloggers and Website Operators who copied and pasted the “Information” from one dubious Site to another,flooding the Internet with heavily Inaccurate Posts and misleading Students looking for Confirmation. Isn’t it Time we progress from Gossip and knee-Jerk Journalism,and try to infuse a Bit of Responsibility into our Posts?


One thought on “University of Ilorin and the Phantom Ranking.

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  1. Finally…..someone who shared my views on the “best university in Nigeria” thing.

    The university’s website operators are like hungry bloggers who would post any info without confirmation.

    I attended a programme at the university auditorium on Entrepreneurship and the VC stated that the school was going to start making plans to build a school of entrepreneurship. What the website reported was different from that. I was like OMG when i read it cos i did not expect such carelessness.

    P.S: I’m sure at the time u reported this, you did not know that the SU was going to use it on all their souvenirs

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