Great Nation.. we can, we must.

Here we stand as a people
With one song: with one voice
We’re a nation: undivided and poised
We will take a stand: and build our land
in faith: to defend what we have

Here we are as a people
With one heart: for one cause
We’re determined: to rebuild and restore
Where freedom reigns: and truth prevails
A land where there’s hope for us all

I want Nigeria’s Anthem changed. With all due Respect to Pa Benedict Odiase,who composed the current Anthem,I think it is time for Change,the Anthem no longer brings to the fore,any patriotic or nationalistic Sentiment, it has become,for most; rote and devoid of any Meaning or Significance.

At this Point in Nigeria’s History,There is a need,in my Opinion,to attempt a Reawakening of the Nigerian Patriotic Spirit,as one of the Steps on the Way to a complete Overhaul of the Mentality of the Nigerian Man in every Sphere of Society. The average Nigerian today would place his being a Nigerian a distant third,in a self-Assessment; after Religion and Tribe. While I agree that those are essential to the Lives of most People, we need to come to the Realization that Nationality,being Nigerian; is the single most important Element that determines the Course of our Lives,Day to Day.

The majority of Issues in Nigeria,transcend Religion or Tribe, Corruption,for one;has thrived under Administrations led by both Christians and Muslims;It has thrived under Governments led by People from virtually every Tribe across Nigeria,at the Federal,State and local Government Levels. Neither Christian Piety,nor Muslim Devoutness has succeeded in curbing the Instinct of the Nigerian political Class to steal Money to buy Armored BMWs and Range Rovers,Mansions in London,or simply dump the whole Lot in Swiss Bank Accounts.

Poverty too,consistently disregards the Religion or Tribe of Nigerians before staking its Claim in their Lives,making Beggars out of all alike. Terrorism too does not discriminate,taking the Lives Nigerians with utter disregard for Origins or Beliefs; take the Bombings at Nyanya for an Example.

Seeing as our Problems do not discriminate,it saddens me beyond Words to see the Extents we go to discriminate against each other,hurling Invectives and derogatory Names at each other,in the Name of Creed.

Things need to change,we need to recognize that when we are looked at by the outside World,what they see is “Nigerian”,whether or not the Nigerian is Muslim or Christian,Hausa or Ibo is most Times immaterial; we will still be taunted with “Nigerian Scam”,”underwear Bomber” and so on.

When Electricity Supply is off in an Area, everyone suffers,regardless of Creed;when there is no Water,when Bombs go off; When Friends and Family die for lack of adequate Medical Facilities; when our Children are taught by Teachers who cannot read their Certificates; when Graduates die in a Stampede for a Handful of Government Jobs.

We all suffer,and that is why we should Stand together as one,refuse to be divided and torn apart by Religious and Tribal Sentiment;take ourselves as one; believe in this Nation,and do all that is needed,sacrifice Blood and Sweat to place our Nation on its rightful Pedestal.

Though we are many people
Different tribes: different tongues
We’re united in our strength and resolve
To uphold the honour of our land
And for generations to come.


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