New Year Goal

I will post a review of every book I read here. I'm currently half-way through Pawn of Prophecy (The Belgariad #1) by David Eddings and I might be done by morning if I ignore everything I've read recently about the importance of sleep. Knowing myself; and seeing as I'm hooked on this book, I probably... Continue Reading →

2018 – Not a Fresh Start, But a Fresh Perspective

Many people have said that the new year is meaningless. Of recent, my social media feeds have been clogged with posts about how 2018 is merely an arbitrary concept; philosophically speaking, which has no effect on real life. You might have seen similar posts, like the ones about how '2018 is just tomorrow' or my... Continue Reading →

On Metuh and the 400 million Naira

So, I woke up this morning to the news that Olisa Metuh has offered to return the sum of 400 million Naira to the coffers of the federal government, with the explanation being that at the time he collected the money, he was unaware that it was from the office of the NSA. I don’t... Continue Reading →

Made in Nigeria stupidity

Take a Pig, bathe it in perfume; dress it up in silks and adorn it with jewels. It is still a pig, and it will act like a pig, given the slightest chance. So, there was a discussion going on in the red chambers the day before yesterday about patronizing made-in-Nigeria products, and one very... Continue Reading →

On the President’s appointments

The ostrich digs its head into the sand, lifts its rump into the air, and thinks itself safely hidden away from its enemies. The spate of criticisms that trailed the trend of President Buhari’s appointments have received a lot of criticisms in turn. I think one side of the divide is not being mindful enough... Continue Reading →

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